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How to Time Profile

Xcode Instrument: Time Profiler Astounding effects of Xcode instruments has been discussed earlier also. Nevertheless to say, a huge share of iOS applications benefited from it. TL;DR Time profiler is an important instrument which helps in achieving better performance in iOS applications. It provides details about time consumed by each method in your source code, giving able space to alter the logic applied. Developers can use this cluster of information to redefine the exist

How to TLS

With increased threats to SSL, TLS has now become an inevitable security layer for most apps. Along with supporting newer and secure algorithms, it does provide better privacy and data integrity between two applications. Before any data exchange, both server and client are authenticated using Handshake protocol by TLS. Let us see how to do TLS implementation in iOS: The part where we actually provide this specification is when you initiate your URLSession. TLS is applied for

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